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Solar Won’t Save The World But It’s A Start

Solar Won’t Save The World But It’s A Start

Can Solar Energy Save The World In Future  When you think about the future of the planet, it’s easy to think we’re doomed.  It seems like every day the news is coming out with more and more stories about the devastation that climate change is inflicting on humanity. Seas are rising, hurricanes are raging, and the planet seems to be losing its mind.  Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to just crawl underneath the covers and give up entirely!

But the impending doom of the planet is causing an increasing number of companies to turn to renewable energy resources that reduce our carbon footprint and hopefully increase the odds of planetary survival. The cost of solar energy is dropping quite quickly thanks to tax credits and solar farms.  There is more than a little hope for the planet in initiatives such as solar energy.  But how exactly can solar energy help make a dent in something as overwhelming as climate change?

Solar Reduces Air Pollution

Fossil fuels are known to be one of the main causes of pollutants. The dirty air in places like Los Angeles or New York shows just how desperately we need a renewable source of energy. Smog is not only bad for the environment, but it’s also bad for our health.

Solar panels help reduce air pollution by creating clean energy that doesn’t need to pollute the air to be used.  What could be more natural than deriving energy from the sun in the sky, the source of all life?  Solar panels are a great way for cities to get rid of unpleasant smog and improve the health of city-dwellers.  By investing in solar developers such as Next Light Energy, businesses can do their part to save their community from air pollution.

Solar Reduces Water Usage

Two major sources of energy are hydropower and nuclear energy.  While both of these are much more environmentally friendly than burning coal, they do use a massive amount of water to produce electricity. Damming water also has a majorly negative effect on the local ecosystem. Water scarcity is a major issue in many parts of the world, and the water used to generate electricity in both of these methods can’t be used for anything else.

Solar panels come to the rescue yet again!  They can create energy without using water, reducing water consumption and saving the world just a little bit more.  Solar energy is the ultimate renewable form of energy, since all it depends upon is the rising of the sun in the morning.  What could be more dependable than that?

Solar Makes Us Less Dependent On Nonrenewable Energy

Nonrenewable energy sources are unsustainable by their very nature.  There are a limited amount of resources like gasoline that we can burn for energy.  Once it’s been used up, it’s unable to be used again.  We’re coming up on major shortages of nonrenewable energy sources, and pretty soon they won’t be an option at all.

Solar energy can be obtained for as long as the sun hangs in the sky.  By reducing our dependence on nonrenewable energy sources, we’ll avoid the nasty awakening when those sources run out.  Solar energy equals energy independence, and it’s that independence that will help humanity thrive.

Solar Improves Our Long-Term Health

It’s difficult to convince people of far off dangers when there doesn’t seem to be an immediate negative effect.  Sure, air pollution is unpleasant to breathe and will ruin your Instagram photo, but how often does it send you to the hospital?

Still, the air pollution caused by many forms of nonrenewable energy will damage mankind’s health in the long run.  By making the switch to solar panels, it’s estimated that we could save over 25,000 lives.  That’s quite an impact for such a small change.

Solar Helps Fight Climate Change

The biggest way that solar energy helps save the world is by helping fight climate change. The dumping of pollutants and carbon dioxide into the air is damaging our planet, causing us to retain heat and negatively affecting climates all over the world.  Something needs to be done, and solar energy is one way to stem the tide.

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Community solar facilities are excellent ways for entire cities to reduce the amount of pollutants they release into the air.  By buying into a small part of a solar farm, you can do your part to slow down climate change and buy us just a little more time on this beautiful blue and green planet.

Do Your Part And Invest In Solar

No one person can save the world.  No one industry can do it, either.  But the truth is that solar energy is a step in the right direction towards improving the health of the planet and humanity itself.  By investing in solar energy as a business or an individual, you can help save our environment and lower gas emissions.

For more information about what solar developers such as NextLight Energy are doing to help save the world, check out our website at Solarcityenergy.us.  Feel free to contact us today to get involved in solar energy and make the break from dependency on damaging nonrenewable energy.

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Nextlight ENERGY solar company in minneapolis family enjoying

Solar Won’t Save The World But It’s A Start

When you think about the future of the planet, it’s easy to think we’re doomed.  It seems …

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