EV Initiative

An eco-friendly EV charging station initiative by NextLight Energy

About Us

Where We Come From + Where We’re Going

As an eco-minded company drawn to all things green, we pick and then read the tea leaves on the electric vehicle’s future. It’s looking pretty good for our lithium-powered friend.

Automotive manufacturers are making room, making commitments, making improvements, and making more EVs by the minute.

But the EV drivers of tomorrow? They’re actually ready TODAY.

Concerned about our future, they make choices in the interests of the earth and its inhabitants over status.

Born into the digital age, they are armed to the teeth with well-researched data, from features to specs to the philanthropic missions of each manufacturer.

They know exactly WHAT they want (a cost-cutting, smoothly-as-butter, electric dream machine on wheels).

They know WHY they want it (save time, save money, save the earth!).

They WANT IN, and they’re beginning to arrive in spades. Unfortunately, one of the critically important pieces of EV ownership is convenient access to an energy source.

Undeniably, our lacking infrastructure is nowhere near prepared to support what’s coming. That’s where we come in.

The charging needs of tomorrow’s EV driver won’t be met by today’s status quo.

We’re on it:

  • Building local partnerships and process to quickly establish EV charging stations wherever EV drivers will find them most convenient.
  • Keeping top-of-mind the underserved, marginalized communities who’ve been all but barred from EV ownership due to its price tag, but also to the impracticality of an EV in an unsupported charging dead zone.
  • Thinking ahead to put the power (see what we did there) in the hands of local businesses, governments, and their community members to find solutions that are cost-effective and mutually beneficial.

The disparity and inaccessibility making up today’s EV infrastructure are already primed to topple.

Our Mission

The Competition + Where We Fit In The Market

ChargATOM secures and implements eco-friendly, accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Its network of 250 eco-friendly EV charging stations brings safe and comfortable passage to Minnesota EV drivers throughout the Twin Cities.

Like other EV charging networks, ChargATOM is bent on supporting net-zero and carbon reduction efforts. What sets it apart is its dedicated focus on providing access to renewable and clean energy across marginalized and underrepresented communities in Minnesota and beyond.


Our Vision

Our vision is to harness the cleanest, cheapest, and most infinite source of power, aka the sun, to provide affordable energy solutions for the people across America.

By developing solar gardens and farms in urban and rural areas, we will introduce new job opportunities for the people and next-level global warming solutions for the planet.

Benefits of the EV Initiative

Visual Representation of EV Initiative

1. Job Creation Benefits

In 2012, Dr. David Roland-Holst, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley, analyzed the economic and job creation impact of two EV market penetration scenarios for California.

2. Individual Vehicle and Economy-Wide Fuel Savings Benefits

Over the lifetime of the vehicle, higher upfront costs for EVs will be more than offset by significantly lower fuel costs than gasoline vehicles, bringing economic benefits to their owners that will in turn provide an economic benefit to the state.

3. Energy Security

In 2019, the United States imported about 3% of the petroleum it consumed, and the transportation sector accounts for approximately 30% of total U.S. energy needs and 70% of U.S. petroleum consumption.

4. Electric vehicles and smart charging help create a resilient local grid

Cleantechnica, an energy publication, reports that nearly 40 percent of EV drivers have rooftop solar. When drivers plug into a home using solar panels, they are essentially driving on sunshine.

5. Lower cost of driving for your community

Electric vehicles also have significantly less moving parts than conventionally-fueled vehicles, and therefore require much less maintenance. There’s no oil changes, fuel filters, timing belts or mufflers to replace.

$ 0
Oil change every 5,000 miles @$45each (15)
$ 0
Engine air filter replacement
$ 0
Brake pads
$ 0
Fuel filter
$ 0
Radiator hoses & system flush
$ 0
Total Maintenance Savings

Want To See A Sample Design For Yourself?

Use our design tool to see just how solar panels would fit within the framework of your existing roof – all from the comfort of your home. Submit your home address to get an estimate of cost savings and environmental benefits of solar installation in your local area.

Why Choose

Solar Panels For Your Home Or Commercial Location?

NextLight Energy Financial Incentives icon

Financial Incentives

There are a variety of financing options to make upfront installation costs more affordable, including government incentives, tax deductions, and $0 down loans.

Property Value Increase icon, NextLight Energy

Increased Home or Business Value

The value of your home or business location will increase with the desirability of solar panel installation.

Reduced Carbon Footprint NextLight Energy

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Sustainable energy use and no greenhouse gas emissions are both key benefits of solar panels.

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Energy Savings icon NextLight Energy

Energy Savings

Your energy costs will be drastically reduced, especially in peak summer months when energy costs typically skyrocket.

No Interference icon NextLight Energy

No Interference

Panels are extremely quiet and produce no noise in daily operation, and they can be installed either on rooftops or on the ground.

Low Maintenance icon NextLight Energy

Low Maintenance

No mechanical or moving parts means low maintenance and high durability over the long term.