Best Solar Energy Consulting Service

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Energy Evaluation and Consulting To Ensure Optimal Solar Design And Performance

When you invest in a solar installation, every part of the design, production, and installation needs to work together seamlessly to ensure a finished product that is safe, meets all standards, and performs efficiently. With NextLight’s expert energy evaluation and consulting services, our team will guide and educate you throughout the entire solar conversion process. We will ensure your energy efficiency goals are met, and that your system is custom-designed to your business objectives and cost expectations.

NextLight Energy offers Best Solar Energy Consulting Service and provides objective, accurate financial analysis and market expertise to help your organization plan successful energy projects. NextLight Energy understands all technical and financial aspects and can minimize your risk.

Why Choose NextLight For Your Solar Energy Consulting Needs?

The team at NextLight will ensure you reach optimal cost-efficiency with an expertly planned and designed solar energy installation for your industrial project, commercial location, or small business solar needs.

NextLight Energy offers the best solar energy consulting service to your organization of any size, with full-service evaluation and consulting throughout the Minneapolis area.  We understand all technical and financial aspects of the solar energy investment process, and will minimize your risk, maximize your savings, and bring you an optimal source of clean and renewable energy with expert solar panel design and installation.

Electrical engineer woman checking solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of a solar farm.
Nextlight ENERGY solar company in minneapolis with solar installed

Initial Comprehensive Energy Evaluation

Beginning with an initial energy evaluation and utility bill audit, our team will gain a complete understanding of your current energy usage and efficiency. We will help you to establish your consumption goals, and audit your current energy usage to develop a strategic plan for incorporation of solar panels and renewable energy efficiency. What are your current energy expenses? What are your goals with the implementation of solar energy? We will provide full-service consulting on how solar energy will bring your energy usage to optimal efficiency, lower your energy expenses, and create reduced toxic emissions and minimize air pollution.

Nextlight ENERGY Solar Consulting with solar panels installed on roof and extLight For Your Solar Energy Consulting Needs

With our energy evaluation and audit, Nextlight will use our expert performance analysis and market expertise in the following areas:

It can be difficult to effectively optimize your energy usage on your own, and it is extremely helpful to have the professional, objective analysis of a solar professional. NextLight will use the findings from the energy evaluation and audit to create a plan for successful solar energy implementation with optimal technological, operational, and financial arrangements.

NextLight Will Improve Existing Projects Or Remediate Projects As Necessary

When you are developing a large-scale solar energy project or comprehensive installation, the team at NextLight will provide our expert solar consulting services to assess your current project and ensure it is planned, designed, and fully integrated to guarantee optimal performance. Whether you are working on an existing project and want to bring on our team for consulting purposes, or you’d like NextLight to remediate a poorly designed project or inefficient installation, we will provide you with the following services at the highest level of professional reliability.

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Nextlight ENERGY solar company in minneapolis with solar installed

Contact the team at NextLight today for solar project evaluation and consulting from start to finish, ensuring a completed installation that exceeds your performance expectations.

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Are your panels or inverter broken? Maybe you’re not sure? Whatever the issue is NextLight Energy will have a qualified technician out to fix the issue; most of the time in the first visit! The service call can be done while you are home or at work. We’ll even email you a status report once we’re done! Book your appointment today!

Did you get solar and now your roof is leaking? Your roofer can’t touch the solar panels? You’re not alone… NextLight Energy can accurately determine whether the leak is coming from your solar or not. We can repair your solar roof leak ourselves or we can work with your preferred roofer. Give us a call today to fix your solar roof leak!

Do you know how much your solar is producing? Do you know if your solar is even on? How often do you service your solar system? NextLight Energy offers service plans and a monitoring app to keep your solar panels producing high and keep your electric bill low.