Government Contracting Solutions

NextLight Government Contracting Solutions

Trust the most reliable and dependable team of solar providers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to plan, design, and manage the implementation of your government solar installation project.

Why Choose NextLight Energy For Your Government Solar Project?

At NextLight, we are committed to working with your government agency to bring your solar energy goals to fruition, leading to a healthier, cleaner country for all U.S. residents. Our team will develop, own, and operate the system, while contracting with your organization on providing the negotiated energy usage measured in kilowatts/hour. When you partner with us to provide a custom-designed solar energy solution, we will provide the ongoing maintenance and oversight required to ensure your governmental buildings, infrastructure, and municipalities are fully supported with clean, renewable energy.

The team at NextLight has assisted agencies in a wide range of government sectors with solar PV installation, electric vehicle infrastructure, zero net energy (ZNE) planning and implementation, and Solar Community Gardens programs. Together we can take solar energy across the government industry to the next level of efficiency, while creating a cleaner, brighter future for underserved populations across the country.

We have assisted all of the following government entities in creating a plan for sourcing renewable solar energy:

Benefits Of Solar Energy For Government Usage:

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Flexible Financing And Contract Terms

After submitting a competitive bid, our team will work with your organization or agency to negotiate favorable contract and loan terms to align with your goals, objectives, and budget. We will offer flexible scheduling, long-term contracts, and financing with long-term PPA agreements.

A Shift Away From Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Fossil fuel subsidies cost developing countries an average of 5% of GDP, and over 25 countries have reformed subsidies in the recent past. As a nation moves toward green, renewable solar energy, these subsidies continue to support the development of air pollution and have a detrimental impact on climate change, even amid rising costs associated with non-renewable energy sources. Continued reliance on fossil fuel subsidies takes money away from other necessary economic development causes, such as improved public health, low-income household support, and other areas of pivotal social spending.

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Work With Nextlight Toward A Zero Carbon Future

At NextLight, we are committed to developing solutions that will ensure low-carbon technologies and improved infrastructure efficiency to lead us to an ultimate goal of zero net carbon emissions.

Traditional energy usage and foreign oil dependency in the government sector leads to continuous rising energy costs, public health concerns, and many other consequences that have a negative impact on the residents of our country. As we work to reduce federal, local, and state greenhouse gas emissions across the country, we are happy for the opportunity to work in tandem with your governmental organization toward our common goal of renewable energy support and widespread implementation.