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About Our Company

NextLight was founded to offer innovative, advanced solutions to promote the adoption of solar energy in homes, businesses, and government agencies in the state of Minnesota and beyond. Solar energy is not a magic pill for all of the earth’s climate issues, but it is the most abundant, accessible, and affordable power source in the world. Our overarching goal is to provide education and information surrounding the installation of solar panels, and to provide an easy transition for new solar adopters with our innovative, high-performing panel systems.

NextLightEnergy: Solar Panels For Your Home Or Commercial Location
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Honest Transparency

We understand that there will always be some hesitancy when committing to a large investment in your future, and we will never disregard concerns or reservations. Instead, we will address each concern openly and honestly, including not just the many benefits of solar energy, but addressing potential drawbacks as well. Our goal is for every client to be able to make an informed decision that works for them, for their present and for their future. We want to provide a seamless experience through every step of the process from concept to completion.

How Are We Different From All The Others?

At NextLight, our goal is to educate and inform our customers with accessible information and friendly education. We will never assume that you know the ins and outs of solar energy – that’s our job and our passion. We are committed to providing excellence in customer service from the first initial consultation, to a final solar installation that is custom-designed for your home or business.

A Celebration Of Diversity

As a black and veteran-owned business, we understand that our clients have different needs and unique regional and cultural differences, and we fully celebrate that level of diversity. We create opportunities for the underprivileged, as we believe clean energy is not a privilege – it is a basic right.

We believe that informed homeowners, business owners, leaders, and CEOs are the key to making this planet sustainable for future generations. And that is why our commitment to honest and transparent education is at the core of our company foundation.

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How Are We Different From All The Others?

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Exceptional Customer Service

We work to ensure that each of our customers is given personalized attention, and we encourage open communication, honesty, and transparency at every stage of the process.

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Quality Installation

Our team of qualified experts will ensure that your system is installed properly, always adhering to safety and regulatory guidelines throughout the process.

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Monitor Your Energy Usage

With the NextLight Energy App, you can directly monitor your solar production anytime, anywhere – right from the convenience of your phone.

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Custom Design

We design each solar panel system to fit your roof’s unique slopes, sun positioning, and structure. Your design will always be fully optimized to take full advantage of our greatest resource – the sun.

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Ingenious Solutions

We commit to providing our customers the highest level of innovation and technology advancements in order to address all challenges and concerns.

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Extended Warranty

Our warranty covers up to 25 years of operation and monitoring on your panels, providing you with confidence in long-term functionality and performance.

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