Our Goals

Nextlight ENERGY company mission and goals

NextLight Energy Vision and Goals

We Plan To Save The Environment – Join Us Today

At NextLight, we believe our vision is infinitely achievable and we have devised an aggressive 2-year plan to put our goals at the forefront of everything we do. At the most basic level, our vision is to harness the cleanest, cheapest, most infinite source of power that we have available in the sun, and use this natural resource to provide affordable energy sources for people across America. With our commitment to developing solar gardens and farms in urban and rural areas, we are committed to bringing advanced solar solutions and cost-efficient energy to communities that may have never dreamed it possible. New job opportunities, reduced energy dependency, and next-level global warming solutions for the planet are all possible when we work together in partnership to change lives across the globe.

Investing In The Future With Our 2-Year Plan

Where there is sun, there is solar energy. It is an investment in ourselves, in the future, and in the environment, and this investment pays off many times over in the long-run. To support our main goal of educating homeowners, landowners, and business owners on the power, sustainability, and profitability of solar energy, we have established the following tenets of our 2-year plan.

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Create Widespread Opportunities And Promote Diversity

At NextLight, we are about creating opportunities where they have historically been very limited. Not only do we seek to accelerate job creation and economic growth, we strive to offer quality education on renewable energy by promoting sustainability and diversity in thinking across the globe. The sun unites us and gives us life each and every day, and it is our responsibility to use this precious resource to establish equity and equal opportunity among all populations of the world.

Build And Support A Community Solar Portfolio Of Urban Developments

In order to further advance our mission, we are committed to establishing and integrating a wide network of community solar projects, especially in underserved urban areas. Community solar provides an accessible solution for low-income households, or other homes in which installation of solar panels is not possible for a variety of reasons. Not only do these community solar projects allow marginalized communities access to the power of solar energy, but they also promote economic growth through new local job opportunities with full on-the-job training.

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Create, Design, And Develop Innovative and Ingenious Solutions

We promise to never simply accept the status quo. The renewable energy industry is constantly growing and evolving, and with that growth, comes responsibility. We understand and accept that responsibility by deploying artificial intelligence and seeking advanced technologies of machine learning into our solar installation designs and procedures. We strive to make the solar energy experience improved for each client by adapting and growing right alongside the industry, always researching and implementing the latest advancements in innovative technology.

Our Ultimate Goal

NextLight was founded to preserve our planet and foster healthier, cleaner living for the earth and its inhabitants. We seek to provide positive climate contributions, create equitable living, and be a proactive part of the solution. We challenge you to join us in our quest to reduce our carbon footprint – and make the world a better place.

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