Our Mission

Nextlight ENERGY solar companies in minneapolis solar panel being installed by black peoples


Solar energy is not a magic pill for all our climate issues, but it is the most abundant, accessible, and affordable power source in the world.

At NextLight, we educate people and remove doubts, so you can become a confident and informed solar adopter and save money while saving the environment. Using innovative and high-performing panels, and an efficient dashboard system, we provide cost-efficient solutions and make the transitions very easy for homeowners, businesses, and government agencies

As a black and veteran-owned brand, we celebrate diversity and aim to bring new opportunities to create an equitable workforce.


Our vision is to harness the cleanest, cheapest, and most infinite source of power, aka the sun, to provide affordable energy solutions for the people across America. By developing solar gardens and farms in urban and rural areas, we will introduce new job opportunities for the people and next-level global warming solutions for the planet.

Nextlight ENERGY company mission and goals
Nextlight ENERGY Commercial Solar Panel Installation at Minneapolis, Minnesota with an aunty standing and


We are Different

We make things simple and fun for everyone. We never shy away from questions, discussions, and debates.

We Save the Environment

We help residents, companies, schools, and agencies reduce their carbon footprint. By adopting solar energy, we can stop contributing to the problem and start working on the solution.

We Deliver Ingenuine Solutions

We provide innovative and advanced solutions to address the challenges of our customers.

We Understand

We don’t disregard reservations. We understand and discuss to provide answers.

We Care

We believe in the power of partnerships. We go above and beyond to establish lasting relationships with our customers and partners.

We are Accessible & Easy

We make renewable energy solutions accessible and affordable for everyone. Through a transition partner dashboard, we make your next steps easy and efficient.

We Educate & Empower

Informed homeowners, leaders, and CEOs can make this planet sustainable for future generations. That's why education is at the core of our company values.

We Love Our Differences

We are committed to embracing diversity and inclusivity as a company. We create opportunities for the underprivileged to reduce the wealth gap.

Positioning Statement

NextLight provides innovative and ingenious solar energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, and government agencies, so they can deal with hiking energy costs, dependence on utilities for energy production, and contributing to the problem of global warming and air pollution.
NextLight does things differently by educating people and making solar resources accessible and affordable for them so they can make informed decisions, cut energy costs, become independent of the grid, and contribute to creating a sustainable environment for the next generations.

Nextlight ENERGY man is installing solar plates