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All projects come with a 25 yr equipment warranty and a 10yr workmanship warranty,

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We work with multiple local installers to offer our clients the most cost effective pricing.

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We also check in every other month for the 1st year after installation.

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Every $1000 spent we donate $100 to the charity of their choice.

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Do You Need Solar Panels For Your Home Or Business?

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Financial Incentives

Government incentives, tax deductions, and “zero down” loans can all be used to help lower upfront installation costs. We ensure our customers receive as many qualifiable incentives and rebates to reach their payback as soon as possible.

Property Value Increase icon, NextLight Energy

Property Value Increase

A solar panel installation will increase the value of your home or business.

Reduced Carbon Footprint NextLight Energy

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We work with clients in all aspects to reduce their carbon footprint and to save money by transitioning to renewable energy.

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Energy Savings icon NextLight Energy

Energy Savings

Your energy bills will be dramatically reduced, especially during summer when electricity prices usually spike. Our energy analysis provides recommendations on improving household items and reducing energy usage.

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No Interference

A solar panel is extremely quiet and produces no noise in daily operation, and it can be installed either on a roof or on the ground.

Low Maintenance icon NextLight Energy

Low Maintenance

With no moving parts, the product is low maintenance and very durable. Additionally, All of our projects come with a 25-year equipment warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty,

What Our Clients Say

“Purchased my home in June 2020, right away I knew I wanted to purchase solar for my home. I did some research and found Deca Living. Of all the companies I met with they were by far the most thorough and professional. They walked me through the entire process, kept me in the look of each step and answered all of my questions. Once we got HOA and city’s approval they quickly scheduled the installation, completed it in one day and got me authorization to operate within a few days. Even after installation they have continued to check in with me and ensure that the system is working as expected. Absolutely impressed by Deca’s quality and professionalism from my first call to ask for a quote through installation, and now post installation. Highly recommend Deca Living for your solar needs.”

– Adrian G

Ready to Get Started?

With NextLight’s simple, 3-step process, you will be on your way to clean, renewable energy in your home or business – and you will start seeing the difference in energy efficiency immediately!

Initial Consultation Nextlight ENERGY

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Have you decided to go all in on solar power? Our team will provide a quick and easy consultation via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or a similar virtual format for ultimate comfort and convenience. No hassle, no obligation, just an in-depth discussion with our knowledgeable team of solar installation experts. During this time, we will answer your questions, address your concerns, and ensure that your home or business is a good fit for solar energy.

Cost Breakdown NextLight Energy

Step 2: Cost Breakdown

We understand that the costs associated with solar installation can be intimidating for some. Our team will work with you to ensure you understand all available incentives, deductions, and financing options, along with detailed information on projected savings benefits over the long-term. With our detailed energy analysis, you will be able to put some real numbers behind the hypothetical ideas, and we will ensure you understand how solar installation fits into your budget and your available resources. Our team is always here to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Installation Begins NextLight Energy

Step 3: Installation Begins

This is where the project really gets underway. As we begin planning our solar panel installation depending on the unique specifications of your roof or land restrictions, you can rest assured that your installation is in the hands of the experts. We will handle everything from initial permits and paperwork, to successful completion, and we will work within your schedule to ensure an installation timeframe that works for you. In as little as 2 weeks, your solar panels will be up and running, providing your home or business with a clean, renewable, and cost-efficient energy source.

Our Services

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Residential Services

NextLight Energy is a startup installing residential solar systems in Minneapolis, Minnesota of all sizes. You can rely on NextLight Energy to be your dependable, full-service renewable energy provider. You can count on us for solar panels

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Commercial Services

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota,NextLight Energy designs, builds, installs, and maintains commercial solar energy systems and energy efficient lighting solutions throughout Minnesota. We are Commercial Solar providers in Minneapolis.

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Community Solar Garden

NextLight Energy is here to improve any existing projects or remediate projects that weren’t done to standards. We assist schools, governments, and private organizations with solar PV,

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Want To See A Sample Design For Yourself?

Use our design tool to see just how solar panels would fit within the framework of your existing roof – all from the comfort of your home. Submit your home address to get an estimate of cost savings and environmental benefits of solar installation in your local area.

We Provide Reports Of What Can Be Done To Reduce Energy Usage.