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NextLight Is Committed To Career Growth And Job Creation

Over 335K Americans work in the solar industry – and that number is climbing every day.

The renewable energy industry has steadily become a major U.S. employer, with nearly 3.3 million Americans now working in the area of clean energy in some capacity. This growing number currently outnumbers jobs in traditional fossil fuel industries 3 – 1. With these significant opportunities come greater income growth potential, steady employment in a growing industry, and economic development in rural areas and previously marginalized communities across the globe.

Opportunities For A Variety of Diverse Skill Sets

Often, people may not realize the vast amount of human capital and labor that is needed to effectively sustain the industry of solar energy. This sector alone provides a wide variety of jobs, including positions in manufacturing, installation, engineering, sales, and maintenance. It holds powerful income potential for many different skill levels, from high-level to low-level, and provides a great opportunity for on-the-job learning and career advancement.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that occupations within the field of solar photovoltaic installation will grow by 105 percent between 2016 and 2026. The demand for wind turbine service technicians is also projected to grow by 96 percent. These are impressive numbers by any standard, and will provide income growth and job stability to portions of the population that would not have otherwise had these lucrative opportunities.

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Benefits Of A Career In The Renewable Energy Industry

At NextLight, We Are Committed To A Quality, Diverse Workforce

Our ultimate goal of clean energy and diversity factors into everything we do, and every decision we make as a company. We practice what we preach in every aspect of our daily business operations, and that includes our mission to fill our team with the best, brightest, and most diverse workforce possible. Every member of our team shows our commitment to customer service and high-quality professionalism, and we are proud to showcase the quality results of our workers with each project we complete.

As a black- and veteran-owned company, we are always looking for quality talent, motivated workers, and individuals who are excited about the opportunity to join our mission centered around the promotion of clean, renewable energy.

Below are a few of the positions that we have open at this time. For further information, please fill out the form available on the website.

Transition Director
Energy Transition Consultant
Energy Systems Technician

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