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The Benefits And Growth Of Solar

The Benefits And Growth Of Solar

The choice between fossil fuel and renewable energy puts many businesses between a rock and a hard place.  If you don’t use renewable energy, you risk a public relations nightmare.  But if you do try and transition to something more sustainable, you’re increasing costs and putting your business at risk.  Right?

The truth is, however, that using renewable energy doesn’t come with quite the price tag you may think it does.  In fact, solar energy is not only a cost effective way of fueling your business, but it’s also a great way of standing apart from the crowd as an environmentally friendly business.

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Energy?

Issues like climate change and the decreasing availability of fossil fuel are presenting unique problems for businesses.  Not only is it becoming more and more expensive to fuel your business, it’s also becoming a matter of public perception.  This is where solar energy truly shines.  The benefits of solar energy are numerous, and the time is perfect to invest in this rapidly growing industry.


Benefits Of Solar Energy To The Environment

First and foremost, solar energy creates huge environmental benefits.  Solar energy reduces carbon emissions, fossil fuel and coal mining.  We can all agree that pollution is heavily damaging to the environment, and any little bit that can slow it down or decrease it helps.  Solar energyis a huge win for the environment, helping slow the growth of climate change and keep us on this planet just a little bit longer.

Solar developers such as  NextLight Energy aim to create additional environmental benefits such as planting clovers and other types of vegetation to help and increase the bee population.  When you invest in solar energy, you’re investing in an industry that puts the environment first.  It’s not surprising that reducing pollution is just the beginning.

There’s an additional benefit of investing in small, decentralized projects like NextLight Energy.  Because projects like these are located close to the point of usage of electricity, transmission losses are greatly reduced in the electricity network.  This is great news not just for the environment, but also for your bottom line.

Social Benefit Of Solar Energy

NextLight Energy intends to create a community fund to support other local community initiatives.  They’ll  donate 10% of their profits to various programs that benefit the community.  Not only will your investment in solar energy benefiting the world as a whole, but it’ll also help your local community.  What more can you ask for, really?

Community solar initiatives like NextLight Energy even source quality materials from the area they’re working with in addition to partnering and hiring people in the community.  This is a big stimulant for economic growth.  Instead of outsourcing materials and jobs (and risking the wrath of the community), you’ll be giving your community economic opportunity.  You’ll be the darling of the community!

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Investment Opportunities Of Solar Energy

The energy industry is ripe for investment.  The biggest perk of investing in solar energy is the Investment Tax Credit (ITC).  With the ITC, the federal government gives you a tax credit of 30% the cost of your system.  This is an uncapped tax credit that you can carry forward into the future.  Once you’ve commissioned your solar energy system, you can take advantage of the ITC the next time you file your federal tax return.

As nice as the monetary perks are, the public perception perks are even better.  Every business decision makes an impact on your public image.  What better decision can you make than to invest in an industry that saves the environment and helps the community?  While it may seem like a no-brainer for a business to go green, eco-conscious businesses are still few and far between.  You’ll stand out as a leader and innovator that’s committed to quality and environmental responsibility.

How Is Solar Energy Growing?

Solar energy is gaining huge market acceptance thanks to these numerous environmental and economical benefits.  It’s an incredibly effective industry that’s growing more and more useful everyday.  New technologies that use solar energy are being invented constantly.  With solar energy you can power a car, light a street lamp, and even power your entire house.  Virtually no electronic device is incapable of being powered by solar energy.

But what about the cost of installing solar panels?  Isn’t that a bit much for your average Joe to invest in?  This is where solar farms come in.  A solar farm is a much cheaper option since you can bypass the cost of installation for the panels.  You don’t even have to worry about paying for the panel’s maintenance!  All you have to pay is an annual fee to the solar farm company and you get to enjoy electricity all year long.

With the many the benefits of the rapidly growing industry that is solar energy, it’s clear that this is the way of the future.  If you’re interested in reading more about how solar developers like NextLight Energy can benefit your business, contact us or visit our website, Solarcityenergy.us.  You’ll save money and the environment by lowering gas emissions and being more green friendly.  It’s the ultimate win-win

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